I was born on December 24th 1988 in the Valley of Gold located in Northwest Quebec.
I am a self taught Artist who believes inherited my love for art & gifts from my grand-mother.
I’ve dedicated myself to Art, creating became the way that I experience all facets of my life.

I traveled for the first time in the Turks and Caicos Island in 2007 and it was love at first sight.
I instantly felt at home.
Its magnificent beauty, its sense of community, its heavenly ocean with endless hues of turquoise quickly turn out to be my main inspiration.

With each brush strokes I love to represent the elements, the sacred geometry found in nature, on land or underwater.
I am moved by,
The ocean, the movement the fluidity and the stillness, the peace and the chaos, the light and the darkness, the symbiosis, the depth, the mystery.
The colours, the sea the galaxy.
The moon and the stars.

I am beyond grateful to be doing what makes my heart sing for a living and what is most important through my art is the ability to fulfill my mission which is to give my time and bring awareness to the protection of our Mother Ocean and its marine life preservation.
I believe in Love, in doing good and serving a higher purpose. Living a more sustainable way of life.
The divine, ancestral wisdom and the magic of life

Along this path of life, I accomplished things I never imagined could be possible..

From doing sold out solo exhibits, doing live painting for le cirque du soleil, to finding my art in celebrities home & internationally.

I promise to keep on giving my all and whole heART to ART and the betterment of this planet ! ❤
Ps. You may find me mermaiding along the shores of Providenciales 🐬✨